ceci n'est qu'une maison bourgeoise


"Freely adapted from JFK’s berlin-sayer this utopian project of 'selling my home' to a Japanese Museum of contemporary art – as an artwork itself , is like a mirror to actual trends of artmarket and artworld on one hand. On the other hand it points out the clash between the noble claim of being a 'pure' artist who makes his way up to the heights of 'international dicurs' or surviving by doing a job for living."

This book points up the pronouncement of a townhouse with garden in the center of Brussels to be an artwork by Kurt Ryslavy.

Texts by Boris Groys, Peter Weibel, Friedrich Achleitner, Paul Robbrecht, Damien Airault and Kurt Ryslavy (all texts in English & Japanese)

Photos by Kristien Daem, Helen Hermans and Kurt Ryslavy

Book. Offset printing. 88 p., 28.5 x 22.6 cm

Edition of 600 + deluxe edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered from 601 to 620; this special edition includes a list of the inventory of the ground-floor of the house Place Van Hoegaerde 22, which forms an integral part of the work.

Kurt Ryslavy publisher

Price: 42,00 €; 488 for the deluxe edition